Derick Magnusen

Bar none, the most important aspect of a business is customer relation. If we’re doing business together, my number one goal at all times is to make sure that you’re happy and comfortable.

When I graduated from high school I knew one thing about myself, I wanted to work with computers somehow. At the tail end of my freshmen year of college in 2011, I discovered my love for photography. Puzzled how I was going to combine both of my hobbies, I began taking pictures of my builds and eventually started doing reviews of products. My goal; to raise the photo quality standards for builders and reviewers alike.

In 2013 I started a photography internship with EK Water Blocks in Slovenia. The internship eventually led to full time employment where I stayed for nearly 4 years. Being the sole USA employee at the time, I learned about every aspect of the business, from sales, to marketing, to support, to business management and development.

Two of the most important things I learned during my time at EK was that part of the reason that I excelled at what I did was because I am also the target market of our products. The other was that proper, professional media production is hard to come by in this industry. Almost every single major company in the industry outsources to production companies to create marketing materials, the problem is that these media companies have no idea about our niche industry. They may be able to produce high quality content, but they require a lot of hand holding in the beginning, that costs the companies valuable time.

After leaving EK I founded Senpai Studios with Joe Mercado. Our goal is to provide content to our clients that they want to hang on the walls of their office. Computers can be so much more than functional office equipment, they can be works of art.

Joe Angel Mercado

Director of Marketing
“Look I don’t know who ate the last brownie, but I what I can tell you is Harambe was framed”

There I was ready to sell all my modding stuff, on the verge of giving up a hobby I had known for the last five years. I was unsure of my path in the industry, and just wanted out. I stumbled upon and suddenly all the inspiration and passion I thought was gone, came rushing back. One thing completely captured me of all the builds on the site, the cables. I made my first attempt at a custom cable in 2011, and it was terrible. Terrible, but the start or a passion that would consume me for many years to come.

Through many years of honing the craft, and constantly adapting my technique, I opened Sanctum Sleeving, and from there began working with tech-tuber Jayztwocents, making the custom cables for all his projects such as Skunkworks and Redmist.

After working with Derick Magnusen during his time at EKWB, him and I formed a team, which would become Senpai Studios, and its parent company Tech Foundry, in early 2017. Our first major project/ collaboration was working with Jayztwocents, for the Terry Crews custom PC, where we provided the team with a set of custom cables sleeved in beautiful MDPC-X sleeving. From there we had our Geforce Garage debut, creating a custom Nvidia edition Xforma MKII, the legendary case brought to us by Charles Harwood, and Callen Magier.

It is our belief and in the values of the company that we must find art and beauty in every facet of what we create. Behind the power button is a world of inspiration, and the beginning of a journey, please have a seat, the fun has just begun.